The Unity Wall Mural at The Victoria Cruise Terminal


In 2009, to honour the traditions and history of the Salish Nations, we sponsored phase I and II of the Unity Wall Mural, a project that transforms the breakwater into an enormous canvas upon which established First Nations artists, and the young artists they mentor, share their stories with the world. In 2013, we also sponsored the creation of the mural’s third phase and the painting of related designs along the outer breakwater.

The response to the incredible, original artwork has been powerful and has spurred a vision to cover both sides of the breakwater with the largest mural in Canada, a public art piece that extends to the sea and creates a bridge between cultures.

As each phase of the mural is completed, it adds to the spirituality of this very special place that has profoundly shaped our history and culture.

The Artists

Butch Dick – Songhees Nation

Butch Dick is a local Victoria artist and educator dedicated to creative expression and the wisdom described in traditional culture.

“I thank the ancestors and elders for their stories and the teachings, and this project is an acknowledgement of their endurance and sustainability. I thank those with vision who see beyond time and into the future, as their vision creates reality through awareness and enrichment.”

Darlene Gait – Esquimalt Nation

Darlene’s paintings and poetry celebrate a deep love for her Coast Salish culture. Her images bring to life the rich traditions and history of the indigenous people of Canada’s west coast and express her passion for protecting the environment and natural wildlife. Darlene’s work also expresses her beliefs in the oneness of humanity and the beauty of its diversity.

Youth Artists / Collaborative Designers

To date, 11 youth have contributed to the Land & Sea Mural on the Unity Wall. The youth benefited not only by the summer employment, but also by the mentorship from the two established local First Nations artists. Each team collaborated on a design that respects traditional South Salish art as well as the individual creative expression of each member.

Interested to Learn More?

We are currently working on developing a new web page to outline more information on the Unity Wall. Stay tuned as the new page will be live on our website this fall.

In the meantime, feel free to head down to the Victoria Cruise Terminal to read the current signage that outlines in depth what the imagery on the Unity Wall depicts. The signs can be found near the entrance to the Breakwater Barge.