Growing your in business our harbours

Prior to submitting a business proposal, please review the Stage 1 and Stage 2 documents.

Advertising at the Breakwater District at Ogden Point

There are two different options when advertising at the Victoria Cruise Terminal: 

  1. To advertise at the Information Kiosk, contact Destination Greater Victoria at
  2. To advertise elsewhere at the terminal, contact the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority at

Advertising a business on cruise ships

Cruise line tour contracts are direct with the cruise lines, and they are awarded well in advance of the season. To advertise with cruise brands, please apply directly with the cruise lines.

To offer your tour through another tour company that already has a contract with the cruise line please contact Lindsay Gaunt for further information.

Soliciting businesses at the deepwater terminal

Contact Western Stevedoring at 250.386.1321 to apply for a permit.

Renting storage space at the deepwater terminal

For internal warehouse storage space, please contact Jess Reeves, contracts manager