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Billing Policy

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Alterations and Construction Policy

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Fisherman’s Wharf 

Development Permitting 

All Fisherman’s Wharf properties are subject to City of Victoria development permitting, including for exterior renovations, expansions, new builds, and changes of use. These documents will assist float home owners and commercial operators with the permitting process.

Float Home Information:

Facility Rules and Regulations

Please view the facility rules and regulations here.

Harbour Regulations 

The following regulations are administered by Transport Canada and strictly enforced by the Harbour Master and the Harbour Patrol.

  • No sailing or anchoring is permitted within the harbour
  • Speed cannot exceed 5 knots in the Inner and Middle Harbour
  • Speed cannot exceed 7 knots in the Outer Harbour
  • Vessel must leave a minimum wash

For the air and marine traffic pattern in the harbour, view Transport Canada’s Port of Victoria Traffic Scheme.

For more information on Transport Canada marine regulations, please visit their website.