Overnight cruise stays signify success of 2022 cruise season

September 26, 2022, Victoria, BC, Canada – Two cruise vessels, Celebrity Millenium and Serenade of the Seas, will berth overnight at the Breakwater District at Ogden Point for more than 30 hours each. Celebrity Millennium will berth September 25-26 and Serenade of the seas September 26-27.  Cruise injects $130 million annually into Greater Victoria’s economy.

September continues to be a strong month for cruise, with 65 ships scheduled to arrive and over 150,000 passengers. October will see 22 ship calls and up to 50,000 visitors. In total the 2022 season will have seen 331 ship calls and welcome just over 725,000 passengers.

“The 2022 cruise season, capped by two ships with overnight stays over 30 hours each, signifies a strong rebound from the past two years. The impact of surplus revenue from cruise to Greater Victoria can’t be overstated. These surplus revenues fund projects like the railings at the Breakwater District, repairs to Broughton Pier, and the annual planting of flowers that make up the Welcome to Victoria floral display at the Inner Harbour.” – Ian Robertson, CEO of GVHA

“This late season change will allow visitors an opportunity to experience a wide range of experiences throughout the Greater Victoria region. It shows that Victoria is a marquee destination.” – Lindsay Gaunt, Director, Cruise Development at GVHA

Overnight cruise schedule

  • Celebrity Millennium arrived September 25 and departs September 26 at 14:00 hours
  • Serenade of the Seas arrived September 26 and departs September 27 at 15:00 hours

Cruise schedules can be found at gvha.ca