Our Guiding Principles

GVHA’s actions and decisions will be guided by the following principles:

We Envision:

  • a working Harbour where people live, learn, work, and play; a spectacular  gateway into Victoria’s past and into its future, with a vibrant look and feel,  linking communities and all people together.
  • a GVHA organization that is recognized by the community as an effective  marine asset manager, and as a trusted advocate and partner, working for the common good of the Harbour and the Region.

Our Mission:

In fulfilling our Constitution, we perform three distinct yet complementary roles:

  • Owners and managers of the properties entrusted to us through divestiture or under lease;
  • Advocates for best water and marine-related use and development of the whole Harbour and its assets, regardless of ownership, in accordance with our guiding principles; and
  • Partners or collaborators with others in implementing Harbour initiatives that drive economic, social and environmental benefits for the Region.