Sustainability in our operations is driven by our guiding principles and continued commitment to our community. We unite a wide variety of member agencies – from First Nation, regional and local governments to community-based associations – that all benefit from well-maintained marine and upland harbour facilities.

Together, we advocate for a healthy working harbour, with a vision and practice based on our triple bottom line Guiding Principle. We recognize that a healthy working harbour requires a balance and integration of our operations, our community, and our natural environment.

As stewards of these coastal properties and delicate marine ecosystems, our challenge is to protect and restore these areas for future generations while promoting social and economic benefit to our region.

Areas of Focus

2019 Highlights


  • Produced our Emissions Inventory Report for The Breakwater District at Ogden Point, which tracked emission levels over an eight-year period from 2010 to 2018. This valuable baseline tool will enable us to rigorously design and monitor an effective emission reduction strategy in the future.
  • We have taken a large step towards zero-waste at our Fisherman’s Wharf facility by implementing a compost program, effectively eliminating commercial use of single-use plastics
  • We enhanced the habitat at The Breakwater District at Ogden Point by constructing and installing an eagle feeding perch during our High Mast Removal and Refit. The 30-metre high structure currently provides American bald eagles a strategic vantage point and is used for foraging, feeding, and rest.


  • Over one million cruise passengers and crew visiting Victoria
  • Annual economic benefit of more than $130 million to our local economy
  • An estimated 800 jobs directly and indirectly supported by the cruise industry


  • Launched our Indigenous Business Directory that has helped us to build new professional relationships with Indigenous entrepreneurs and businesses and strengthen existing relationships.
  • Hosted the annual World Oceans Day at Fisherman’s Wharf in partnership with more than 25 environmental education and outreach organizations.
  • Provided funding for three projects through the Revenue Contribution Funds Directed by the our First Nations Economic Development Committee to Esquimalt Nation and Songhees Nation economic aspirations.
  • Invested several million dollars into maintaining facilities for public access such as the Ogden Point Breakwater and the Inner Harbour Lower Causeway.