Interested in connecting with our Board?

We hold community consultative meetings, which provide the public with comprehensive updates on our activities and the opportunity to communicate with our Board Chair and CEO.

We welcome public opinions, ideas and comments. There are three ways to communicate directly with our board:

1. Attend a Community Information Meeting or Open House

Held twice a year in spring and fall, these events include a 30-minute question and answer period with our Board Chair and CEO. For more information, please visit our events page.

2. Request to present at our Board of Directors meetings

A request to present to the Board of Directors must be received by our board administrator 14 days in advance of the meeting, and presentations must be received ten days in advance. Presenters should be representatives of our member agencies, community organizations or groups. Speakers accepted to present will be limited to 15 minutes.

3. Contact our Board Chair

Members of the public are welcome to write to the Board of Directors at any time by email: