The Victoria Cruise Terminal at The Breakwater District

The Victoria Cruise Terminal at The Breakwater District is currently the busiest cruise ship port-of-call in Canada. 

All facilities are modern, with paved parking, passenger transport and cargo storage areas. Vessel services available include line handlers, passenger gangways, fresh water, baggage handling, garbage disposal, telephones and provisioning. Anchorage, tugs and fuel bunkering are all available at the Victoria Cruise Terminal.

Services available for passengers at dockside include gift shops, foreign currency exchange, and pay telephones. Tour and shuttle buses, taxis and other forms of transportation are readily available for passenger excursions to the city centre and major tour attractions. More information on the extensive and varied selection of shore excursions may be found at Destination Greater Victoria.

Under GVHA’s stewardship, cruise tourism has grown from 110 ship calls carrying 161,000 passengers in 2002 to a record number of 340 cruise ships and 800,000 passengers welcomed during the 2022 season. This growth in cruise tourism has become an important economic driver for the capital region. Working collaboratively with industry partners, GVHA is encouraging opportunities to introduce cruise visitors to more unique Victoria experiences, thereby expanding the positive economic impact in our region.

Doing business at the Victoria Cruise Terminal

We are currently not accepting new operators for the 2022 cruise season. At the end of the 2022 cruise season, a Request for Proposal (RFP) will be posted welcoming new businesses to propose their operations at the Victoria Cruise Terminal starting as soon as the 2023 cruise season. Should you have any questions, please contact Western Stevedoring.

If you are a pre-arranged independent tour operator and passengers have contacted you directly to book a tour through your company, you are welcome to follow the procedures set in the Cruise Operations User Guide (for pre-arranged independent tours).

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Waste Management & Handling

Tymac Launch Service holds the contract with cruise lines to manage waste at the port of Victoria. The below infographic provides detailed information on their activities.