Terminal Services

The Breakwater District at Ogden Point Terminal has four deep water berths capable of handling vessels up to 305 meters in length with a draft of up to 11.3 meters. The 34.6 ha terminal is ideally suited to handle a wide variety of bulk, break-bulk, general and project cargoes. The terminal’s strategic location provides an ideal platform for ship owners with off-shore supply vessels, research vessels or large tugs and barge requirements.  If your firm has specific cargo needs, GVHA is ready to assist in finding the most economical transportation method.

The Breakwater District at Ogden Point Terminal is a strategic location adjacent to three main shipping trade routes: Vancouver BC, Puget Sound, & Washington. It is a modern marine terminal with a productive and flexible stevedoring and long shore labour force that also includes customs and immigration and is a convenient location for ships needing repairs. 

Terminal Contact

GVHA’s agents Western Stevedoring offer professionally trained and dedicated stevedoring staff. Contact Western Stevedoring at 250-386-1321 or vicops@westeve.com.

Services available without the need to deviate from major shipping lanes include: 

  • Bonded warehousing
  • Environmental services
  • Canada Coast Guard
  • Customs & Immigration
  • Fresh potable water
  • Medical facilities
  • Pacific Pilotage Authority
  • Tugs
  • Waste disposal

The Greater Victoria Region is served by an excellent transportation network and numerous service providers. The modern air, marine, rail and road network means that passengers, automobiles, trucks, and trailers have effective travel options to Vancouver to the east, Seattle to the south and Prince Rupert and Alaska to the north. Transportation service providers include helicopter and seaplane services, buses, ferries, road freight carriers and passenger train services.  Victoria International Airport is located 30 km north of Victoria’s downtown area.