Due to the government regulations around social distancing, the 2020 season is cancelled. Applications from new and standing participants will not be accepted until further notice. If you have any questions or concerns please email us

Apply for Summer 2020 – ON HOLD

The Inner Harbour is the heart, and front porch, of Victoria. Located along the lower causeway from Ship Point to the Steamship Terminal, our annual Inner Harbour Summer Line-up features a wide array of street performers, musicians, food vendors, artisans, and First Nations artists. Running from May to September each year, visitors and locals alike have the opportunity to view, engage, and participate in the fun.

GVHA is in constant search of inspired artists, musicians, jugglers and food vendors that will develop an already renowned pedestrian market into an even greater arts and entertainment experience.

How to Apply

New Applicants

In order to participate as a musician, street performer, food vendor, or an artist at the Inner Harbour Summer Line Up, you must provide GVHA with: 

  1. An application form
  2. Description, sample, or image of the type of artwork wished to be displayed
  3. An outline of performance type, length, and repertoire 

Previous Participants

These applications are to be filled out by past (and approved) participants ONLY. 

  • Artisan Vendors: Original, self-made artwork is permitted for show and/or sale.  Artists are encouraged to create their art while on the Causeway to display the creative process and skilled workmanship behind it.
  • Musicians: We welcome Monteverdi to Metallica so long as it’s kept unplugged. Individuals and ensembles are invited to apply to perform at the Causeway.  Performing spots are scattered all along the Inner Harbour available for two-hour sets.
  • Street Performers: Family-friendly performances have become a staple of the lower Causeway’s daily events.  Forty-five-minute show slots are available at the centrally located world-class Jugglers’ Pitch, which has built-in seating on the lower Causeway and great views from the Government Street wall.
  • Food Vendors: When visitors to the Inner Harbour want to fully enjoy the entire Causeway experience, they need a quick and easy way to eat.  There are seven designated venues for food vendors in the Inner Harbour.