Working Together

Victoria’s beautiful Harbour is situated in the traditional territory of the Esquimalt Nation and Songhees Nation. GVHA was founded on the belief that maintaining a strong relationship with it’s First Nation neighbours (and other local agencies) would be paramount in shaping the organization’s future.

Since it’s inception in 2002, GVHA was structured to include representatives from eight-member agencies and organizations on it’s Board of Directors; including Chief Ron Sam of Songhees Nation and Rob Thomas of Esquimalt Nation. Together, we explore and cultivate meaningful roles for the Nations to flourish in the economy of the Victoria Harbour.

GVHA’s First Nations Economic Development Committee (FNED) strives to increase economic capacity and further reconciliation through collaboration with First Nations partners within the Harbour and GVHA facilities.

Through the FNED Committee, GVHA has committed to dedicating up to 1% of overall operating revenue to First Nation’s Projects that demonstrate a contribution to the economic development of Esquimalt Nation and/or Songhees Nation.

Applications are made directly to GVHA and approved by the FNED Committee.