What is a Float Home? 

The province of BC defines a float home as a structure built on a flotation system and used as a residence. It is not intended for navigation or use as a navigable craft. Float homes are held to standards set by the provincial and federal governments. 

The Greater Victoria Harbour Authority has set aside up to 33 berths specifically for floating residences. These float homes are moored on fingers A, B, and C. All float home spots are currently occupied.

The owners live in their homes, steps from the commercial plaza and popular tourist location. There are no absentee owners and float homes are not rented.

All float homes have access to potable water and 30 amp power. GVHA provides sewage hookups to prevent the discharge of black water. This is in keeping with federal law and helps preserve the surrounding marine environment.

Float home owners live in a centre of lively activity. The area is a crossroads for harbour ferries, float planes, kayaks, fishing and pleasure vessels. Owners share their neighborhood with harbour seals, herons, eagles, geese, cormorants, gulls, otters and raccoons.